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We’ve compiled a range of FAQs to offer additional insights. For more personalized discussions about your specific project, feel free to reach out to us.

Projects FAQ's

Once your project has been quoted and the contract finalised, we will request a 20% deposit. This deposit is necessary to allocate resources, order essential materials and plants, as well as long-lead items for the project.

Absolutely, as we draft the quote for your project, we’ll provide a complete list of available add-ons. Should you opt to incorporate extra services during the project, know that it’s feasible. We’ll arrange a meeting to discuss these changes to the scope of work and then adjust the project quote accordingly. This ensures transparency in your quote, ensuring you’re fully aware of the total cost.

We operate on a fixed price model, ensuring that the agreed-upon quotation remains unchanged unless additional add-ons are introduced mid-project. Should you opt to include extra work, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss these adjustments and provide a revised quote. There should never be any unexpected expenses along the way.

At Alan loft Conversions, all project tasks are handled by our proficient in-house experts. We aim to offer clients comprehensive contracts, guaranteeing that every aspect of their project can be managed by us, from initial planning to final touches like electrical work, decorating, and interior design.

The location, property type, and project size are key determinants of whether planning permission is necessary. Typically, for larger projects involving extensive property renovations or new construction, planning permission is essential. We strongly advise clients to consult their local authorities to confirm their requirements. Our team is readily available to assist throughout this process to enhance the likelihood of approval.

Please see this website for more information:

While some clients come to us after collaborating with an architect to plan their project, engaging an architect beforehand is not mandatory. If you have a concept but haven’t begun drafting drawings, we can provide professional architect services to kickstart the process. By attentively listening to a client’s vision, often during a site visit, we can suggest optimal approaches and translate ideas into reality using advanced CAD drawings. Similarly, for those already equipped with architectural drawings, we gladly assist in materializing these plans and turning your vision into a tangible project.

With our extensive expertise across all construction domains, there’s no need to hire a project manager separately. We have seasoned professionals in-house to manage all logistics, overseeing every stage, maintaining team organization, and ensuring timely completion.

Collaborating with numerous reputable suppliers enables us to procure all necessary materials to actualize your vision. This streamlines your experience and guarantees the utilisation of top-quality materials and products for your project.

Our team is readily available to offer guidance at each stage of your journey, starting from the initial designs. We can schedule a meeting to review your needs, budget, and property particulars, and then assist you in exploring the array of options at your disposal.

We prioritise transparency in your project, maintaining ongoing communication. Should any issues arise, we’ll promptly inform you. If adjustments to project scope, timeline, or cost are necessary, we’ll schedule a detailed meeting to discuss. Our adept team excels in problem-solving, striving to swiftly and minimally disruptively resolve any challenges that arise.

Loft Conversion FAQ's​

The price of your renovation or extension hinges on its scale. We provide precise quotes reflecting the project’s cost. Factors affecting costs include:

  • The desired type and size of conversion or extension
  • Property dimensions
  • House type
  • Relevant building regulations (e.g., for listed or conservation area properties)
  • Additional fixtures and installations
  • Planning permission requirements

Planning permission might be necessary, contingent on alterations within your home. Factors such as loft or kitchen conversions exceeding 50 cubic meters, residing in a listed or conservation area, or past property modifications may necessitate permission. We’ll inform you of any planning requirements during our initial consultation.

Click here for information on planning permission


Certainly. We provide a 10-year warranty on all our services, ensuring a dependable, lasting investment for you.

Indeed, we provide these services and can integrate them into a personalised quotation.

We are located in Dagenham and serve various regions across North, West and East London, as well as Essex. Our frequent areas of operation include Leyton, Walthamstow, Leytonstone, Wanstead, Newham, Barkingside, Redbridge, Ilford, Barking, East Ham, Forest Gate, Woodford Green, Edmonton, Hackney, Stoke Newington, Islington, Chingford, Loughton, Chigwell, Epping, and surrounding areas.

The final cost will vary based on your specific project requirements. We’ll provide a detailed quote after discussing your needs and exploring available options, ensuring clarity on timeframes.

Timelines vary depending on factors like the conversion type and size, but typically range from 6 to 12 weeks.

Typically, our construction team strives to minimise noise, debris, and disturbance, allowing you to reside comfortably in your home during the process. For extensions, exterior work is often conducted using scaffolding, further mitigating disruption.

Our construction experts collaborate with seasoned architects to draft the required drawings and plans for your renovation. Alternatively, if you have a preferred architect, we are happy to accommodate them.

Certainly. We can organise the decoration of your conversion or extension according to your specific preferences. Just inform us of your ideas, and we’ll incorporate them into your quotation.

Extension FAQ's

At Alan Loft Conversions, we firmly believe in tackling any job, regardless of size. Our teams are eager to take on various challenges and take immense pride in their work. From intricate double-storey extensions to straightforward loft conversions, we’re always ready to assist.

If you’re uncertain about the feasibility of an extension on your property, feel free to reach out to us to schedule a mutually convenient viewing with a member of our team. This viewing comes at no cost, during which we’ll provide advice on extension possibilities, as well as take measurements and offer other guidance.

The need for planning permission varies based on the scope of the intended work. For instance, certain loft conversions may necessitate such permission, and all projects must comply with Building Regulations. Please see this website for more information:

Once the contract is agreed upon, our goal is to commence the project within 2 weeks, although most projects can typically begin within 7 days. In cases where planning permission is needed, we allocate an additional week or two, considering the potential two-week period for government approval.

A quote can be arranged by contacting us using one of the following methods: E-mail – Phone – 07307 474714 Contact Form – Contact Us This involves an informal conversation about your establishment, followed by scheduling a convenient time for a visit during which we will delve deeper into your requirements.

We ascertain the precise cost of your project, and before any contracts are signed, we organise a biweekly payment plan. Your project progresses in stages, and upon your satisfaction with each stage, the remaining balance is due. If any additional work is needed, we’ll inform you in advance of any extra costs, typically during the […]

The initial estimate comes at no cost. During this process, we’ll create a comprehensive breakdown of your requirements. Subsequently, we’ll offer an estimate based on our visit/discussion and guide you through all the available plans.

Interior Design FAQ's

Our designers are skilled in various distinctive styles that we can suggest to the client. However, clients can collaborate with the designers to develop their own unique style. We are pleased to offer our assistance either as full-service consultants, guiding you through the entire process, or simply providing consulting and advice, allowing you to make […]

We implement an hourly design fee along with a mark-up on any products purchased by our designer. This compensates for the considerable time spent on generating purchase orders. Our designer dedicates their time to coordinating deliveries and ensuring the seamless operation of the entire process. The mark-up encompasses this comprehensive service, providing clients with peace […]

Our interior designer partners with you to discover suitable design solutions, guiding you through each phase to fulfil your individual requirements. While they can provide input and advice on specific design elements if desired, their main role is to offer support and expertise as you craft your new space.

Being an independent company, we are not bound to a single supplier. This advantage allows you access to a wide array of designs, all offered at competitive prices. Additionally, our interior designers are available to provide guidance and recommendations on furniture, styles, and layouts.

While our expertise primarily lies in residential projects, we have also undertaken various commercial builds. Our team of interior designers handles a diverse range of projects, from flats to bungalows, and is adept at reconfiguring room layouts to optimize space usage, assisting you in creating your ideal bedroom.

While we can suggest skilled professionals, we encourage you to conduct your own research to determine what best fits your needs. This includes selecting color schemes, furniture styles, and preferred layouts. Consider the color palettes and effects you envision for your home, as well as your personal preferences. We always recommend that you conduct preliminary […]

Our primary objectives include efficiency and cost-effectiveness. While many professional interior designers typically charge a substantial fee, we prioritise collaborating with you as the client, striving to meet your requirements without burdening you financially. In fact, opting for professional services can lead to significant savings. Our designers possess extensive experience and will notice essential details […]

Design and Build FAQ's

We undertake diverse projects, with our builders embracing challenges and exhibiting pride in their work. From loft conversions to home extensions, we handle a variety of tasks. Whatever your plans entail, reach out to our team today and allow us to assist you with your upcoming project.

Our goal is to commence the project within 2 weeks of contract agreement, typically initiating most projects within 7 days. If planning permission is necessary, we allocate an additional week or two. This accounts for potential delays as government responses regarding approval can take up to two weeks.

We serve various regions across London, particularly focusing on East, North, West, and Central London, along with selected areas in Essex. If your specific location is not listed, feel free to reach out to us to inquire about coverage in your area.

We establish the precise cost of your development, and a biweekly payment plan is organised before signing any contracts. Your project progresses in stages, and upon your approval at each stage, the remaining balance is settled. If any additional work is needed, we’ll inform you beforehand about any additional costs, typically during the next meeting […]

Our solicitors have drafted contracts and agreements that, upon signature, hold legal validity in a UK Court of Law. Each contract includes a ‘cooling off’ period, in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act. Tailored to the scope of the project or services, our contracts outline the agreed-upon deliverables, timeframe, and costs, encompassing materials and labor […]

The initial estimate comes at no cost. During this phase, we’ll create a comprehensive breakdown of your needs, followed by an estimate generated from our visit/discussion. We’ll then guide you through the available plans.

A quote can be arranged by contacting us using one of the following methods: E-mail – Phone – 07307 474714 Contact Form – Contact Us This will involve a detailed conversation about your establishment and your timelines. Following this, we’ll schedule a visit at a time convenient for both parties to delve deeper into your needs.

Roofing FAQ

Certainly, we handle both minor repairs and complete re-roofing projects. We recognize the significance of maintaining your home’s condition and its impact on property longevity. Our commitment to quality service extends to all our projects, and we never underestimate the importance of routine maintenance, such as tile replacements, for your home.

Certainly, we are well-equipped to coordinate and execute your re-roofing endeavor. With access to top-tier suppliers and specialized subcontractors, we ensure seamless delivery. Our services encompass re-felting, battening, and tiling as needed, alongside roof timber replacements and treatments.

Indeed, we install various types of new roof frameworks. Leveraging years of carpentry expertise and an in-house joinery workshop, we craft exquisite traditional oak trussed roofs. Additionally, we employ modern techniques and materials to tailor roofs to diverse project needs, ensuring a wide array of options.

We conduct a variety of flat roof repairs and replacements, employing a selection of premium products tailored to the specific application. This encompasses options like Danosa and Resitrix EPDM, renowned for their durability and longevity, ensuring lasting re-roofing solutions.

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The 1 & Only Mr AMB
The 1 & Only Mr AMB
July 30, 2023
The best in the business a 2 bedroom loft conversion and the whole of my house K rendered in under 6 weeks with amazing finishing and not a inch of space left for any complaints. Truly a great team I would recommend to any and everyone.
Anastasia Isa
Anastasia Isa
April 25, 2023
We’ve recently had a loft conversion and a double side extension completed by the team and we are extremely happy with the work and process as a whole. With such a large project and with my family and I remaining on site throughout, the team worked hard to complete the work on time and to a very high standard. Every question was answered in a timely manner, plans were discussed in detail and helpful ideas and suggestions were made when we were unsure - even when we changed our minds about things, nothing was ever too much trouble. Our home has been transformed and we now have a beautiful space we can enjoy for many years. Thank you so much for your hard work - highly recommended!
Samuel Robson
Samuel Robson
January 25, 2023
Excellent workmanship of the highest quality. These guys really are amazing. They performed a complete rebuild creating my dream kitchen. The level of detail was exceptional. Having used many other builders over the years. I can honestly say these guys are on another level for attention to detail, speed and efficiency. I’m saving for my next project as we speak. Happy to host an open house to show off my dream kitchen any time boys.
Tolga Tozer
Tolga Tozer
August 3, 2022
Albert and the team was very professional from beginning to the end of our project. They cleaned after themselves everyday and always left the place very tidy and clean. Albert has different experts in his team like painters , tilers and plumbers and every one worked to very high standards. Everyone was very friendly and nice to deal with . Albert communicated with us very clearly and we always knew where we are with the project. He always answered my phone calls and answered all my questions. My loft conversion was finished 1 week head of schedule which I was really happy about. We are extremely happy with the end result and highly recommend Alan loft conversions to everyone.
Vina Cunoosamy
Vina Cunoosamy
April 17, 2022
Albert managed the loft conversion with dormer for us from start to finish and he and his team did a fabulous job. He explained everything that would happen and when each part of the build would start. As we were working from home he tried his best to keep the disruption to a minimum. He and his team worked so hard and completed it in less time than I expected. He suggested different ideas to make the space and the finish look better. He kept checking me with to make sure we were happy. They cleaned up after they finished every evening. The loft is now a beautiful bedroom with and en-suite which we have received to so many compliments. He made sure we were happy with everything and anything extra that we wanted he accommodated. I would definitely recommend Alan loft conversion and will use him again for the kitchen.
Maria Nicolette
Maria Nicolette
December 28, 2021
*** due to privacy I prefer not to show images on public domain though I give permission to the company to share images of their work in my house when requested*** Albert is the owner and he managed the whole project. As with all new builders we needed to take time to know him but he is extremely trust worthy now that we worked with him. He is fair and helpful and goes over and above to make his customers happy. His workers are kept under timely manner and budget and they respect him which is important. He has chosen a bunch of very talented guys to do work for him. If you're not happy he makes a point to tell his boys off if need be. He answers the phone immediately, any query you have he is on it. He passed by our home several times to view the progress and ran for all permissions and paperwork. They are our lifelong go-to guys. Once you find them, hold them tight! I couldn't recommend them more, I have no words of how great the team is. Thank you for making our home special.
Bel Cotton
Bel Cotton
November 15, 2021
Alan Loft Conversions recently completed work - remodelling the kitchen and extending into the loft at my small, three bedroom terraced house. I can not recommend them more highly! Albert does exactly what he says he will do in the time he has allocated to the project. He is a force of nature and works at a super speed, totally organised and employing a professional and hard working crew. He sorted out a surveyor, drawings, and liaising with building regulations until completion. I have a beautiful well built loft space, guaranteed for 10 years and all at a very competitive price. Thanks Albert!
Klaudio Nikolli
Klaudio Nikolli
October 29, 2021
I would like to say a very big thank you to the Alan Loft Conversions for the great work in my house.
The whole team has had a very professional attitude and true to their words on this project.

Also, a special thanks to Albert who has a customer care and take much pride in their work.
I will most definitely recommend your company for any future project to any of my friends.

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